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After You Apply

After you have applied for a course at Northumbria your application will be managed via your Applicant Portal*

Please find below some frequently asked questions and helpful tips on how to use the Applicant Portal.

Applicant Portal

What is the Applicant Portal?

The Applicant Portal helps you keep track of your application, as it moves through all the stages of the applicant journey. On the portal you can undertake actions such as:

  • View the decision on your application
  • Accept your offer (not for UCAS courses)
  • Update your details if they change
  • Select an Interview Date (if applicable)
  • Upload documents
  • Apply for your CAS (if applicable)

How do I log onto the Applicant Portal?

You will have received your user details and a password by email after you submitted your application. If you do not have this please check your junk mail. You can contact Applicant Services to request that this information be resent to you.

I have forgotten my password for the Applicant Portal, what do I do?

To reset your password, in the first instance you can attempt to reset the password yourself via the Applicant Portal login page. If you are still unable to reset your password, you can contact either IT Helpline or Applicant Services for assistance

I'm having problems logging in

1. I can’t login

  • Recommend using Chrome as the browser
  • Use a device other than a phone where possible

  • Clear the cookies/cache/browser history (see below for instructions/section 2)

  • Do you have the correct login information: Follow the link provided in the email or:         

            - Applicant Portal:

  • You need to prefix your username with unn\ (e.g. unn\w12345678 not an email address)

  • Always copy and paste from the information on the email (but remove any spaces at the trailing end, seems to happen on the username)
  • You will be prompted to update your password when you first login.

    You need to prefix your username with unn\ (e.g. unn\w12345678)

    When you enter a New password it must meet these minimum requirements:

    contain at least 9 characters

    contain uppercase characters (A through to Z)

    contain lowercase characters (a through to z)

    contain numerical digits (0 through to 9)

    contain non-alphabetical characters (eg. ! $ # % @ +)

    previously used passwords will not be allowed to be repeated.

    not contain your first or last name


    If the problem persists please contact IT Helpline on +44 191 227 4242 or by using IT Chat

2. Invalid ISS message

  • Clear cache to wipe old passwords stored:

            - Chrome:

            - Edge:

            - Firefox:

            - Internet Explorer 11:

            - Safari:

3. No active containers

  • This means you have logged in with an incorrect username. The system will merge records and revert to the original user ID if you have made an application to us before.

4. Current Students

  • Current students can access their applications through their Student portal under ‘My Applications’. Click on the highlighted course to access the information.  



Accepting Your Offer

How do I accept or decline my offer?

If you have applied directly to Northumbria University, you can accept or decline your offer via the Applicant Portal. To do this, you will need to ensure that you are viewing the offer details for the correct course (if you have applied for multiple courses) and select the correct action from the ‘Respond to Offer’ tile

I have applied via UCAS, can I accept my offer via the Applicant Portal?

No, you will need to accept your offer via UCAS Track.  The applicant portal will direct you to UCAS TRACK for any tasks that must be completed at UCAS. Once you have accepted or declined your offer via UCAS and we have received the update from UCAS, you will be able to view this information on the Applicant Portal.


I have been asked to upload a portfolio, what should it include?

Details of what to include in your portfolio for each course can be found within the Interview and Portfolio guidance part of the Admissions web page

How do I upload my portfolio?

If we require a portfolio, we will request this via the Applicant Portal. You will be sent an email alerting you to the request and you should follow the instructions contained in the email.  Any portfolio requests that you receive, you will need to ensure you that upload the Portfolio, via the ‘Documents – Action Required’ tile

Fee Status Questionnaires

I have received a request to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire, what is this?

You may be aware that universities charge two levels of fee - a lower 'home' fee and a higher 'overseas' fee. The University has been unable to confirm your fee status from the information supplied in your application and we therefore need some further information from you in order to determine this.

Where can I find out more information?

The decision to class a student as a Home or an Overseas student, is determined by government legislation as set out in The Student Fees (Qualifying Courses and Persons) (England) Regulations (as amended). The regulations governing the fee status of students can be found on the government legislation website.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) publishes information on its website explaining the conditions you need to meet to be entitled to pay tuition fees at the 'home' rate for study on a higher education (HE) course in England. You can find a link to this information here.

What happens if I do not respond?

As your fee status may influence the type of financial support available to you, it is important that you are classified correctly

What documentation will I need to provide?

Please log onto your Applicant Portal to complete the Fee Status Questionnaire. If you have applied for more than once course, you only need to fill in the questionnaire once.  You may be required to upload supporting documentation so please ensure that you upload good quality copies of relevant documentation to avoid delays

Further Information and Documentation

I have been asked for further documents, how do I provide them?

Any requests that you receive to provide additional supporting documentation, you will need to ensure you that upload the document, via the ‘Documents – Action Required’ tile. Specific details of the information that is required will be contained in the email you receive

ATAS Clearance

What is ATAS?

Details of ATAS scheme can be found here.

How do I know if my course requires ATAS?

Some courses require an ATAS certificate prior to enrolment. If you are required to provide this information, this will be indicated in your offer letter and you will receive a request to upload your ATAS Certificate via the Applicant Portal as soon as you receive it

How can I submit my ATAS clearance?

Any requests that you receive to provide additional supporting documentation, you will need to ensure you that upload the document, via the ‘Documents – Action Required’ tile. Specific details of the information that is required will be contained in the email you receive


I have been invited to an interview, how do I choose my date?

You will receive an email informing if you have been invited to an interview. This will outline the process you need to follow in order to choose a suitable interview date and time on the Applicant Portal

I can no longer make my interview date, what do I need to do?

Once you have chosen your interview date and time, you can view this information in the ‘Events’ tile. If you need to re-arrange, this can be done via the Applicant Portal

I have been told I have been successfully selected for an interview but have not received my interview date, what do I do?

If you have been invited to an interview, and have not received a request to select a particular date and time, this may be that we are waiting for additional dates and times to be confirmed. You will receive confirmation when additional dates and times have been added to the Applicant Portal, and you will then be able to choose a date and time that is suitable for you

I am outside of the UK so I am unable to attend an on campus interview, what do I do?

Please contact us via email to discuss alternative arrangements as outlined in the interview confirmation email you will have received

Fees and Deposit

How do I pay my deposit?

Information on how to pay can be found at the following link

Once you have an unconditional offer, you will be prompted to provide confirmation that you have paid your deposit

* some exceptions apply, and this will be highlighted in your offer correspondence.

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