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Northumbria University’s Alumni Fund provides funding for a range of student support and wellbeing services to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of the challenges they may be facing.

Student Support

Studying at Northumbria gives students the skills and experience they need to take on tomorrow, but for many even getting here can be a struggle. Through the Alumni Fund we can ease some of these concerns by providing financial support to help with the costs of studying at University, from travel expenses to books and even the costs associated with attending graduation ceremonies.

By donating to the Alumni Fund you can help us to ensure that ability, not affordability, is the determining factor when deciding to enter higher education and that the brightest new talents get their chance to shine.

“The support I have received has enabled me to focus on my studies and fully participate in all the fantastic opportunities university has to offer. I feel so excited about my future, knowing that I’ll be leaving university having developed valuable skills that will help me secure a job when I graduate.”

Habeeba – Northumbria University Student

Student Wellbeing

Being at university should be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable times of your life, but for some students it can be stressful and overwhelming. We know that many students will need some extra support in order to feel calm and confident during their time with us - that’s why the Alumni Fund supports a number of student wellbeing initiatives, including NightLine, a helpline run by students, for students.

“There are some calls where you feel like “yes I’ve really helped that person and I gave them all of my attention and they felt that they benefitted from the call” And that’s just the best feeling and why I think people volunteer for the service.”

Ria – Northumbria University student and NightLine volunteer

Student Employability

Being well-equipped for interviews is crucial to securing employment opportunities, but the costs of travel and suitable clothing can soon mount up. We have a fund available to help low-income students with these costs, ensuring no one feels at a disadvantage when taking on the challenges of the employment market.


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