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Group on International Public Policy and Management

Director: Professor Edoardo Ongaro
The Northumbria University Research Group on International Public Policy and Management aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in exploring different areas of public governance, public policy, and public services management.

Based in the Department of Social Sciences at Northumbria University, the Group is international in the scope, ambition and focus of its research. The comparative method – across countries, polities, jurisdictions in general - is in this respect a preferred research strategy, and the active participation in pan-European and international networks and communities of academics and practitioners is central to its mission.

The notion of ‘public service’ is a key unifying focus for the differentiated areas of research developed by the Group. Social phenomena are investigated according to different disciplinary perspectives – including political science, sociology, criminology, public management and public policy, organisation science - keeping as catalyst of research activities the drawing of implications for the effective delivery of public services, for the improvement of public policy formulation and implementation, for the ultimate capacity of the public sector to positively impact on society. Its research naturally complements those of the other research centres of the Department.

Contributing to the mission of the Department of Social Sciences, the Group aims at empowering agents of social change, operating in and for the public sector for more effective policies. The quality of the public sector makes a difference to society, and quality research makes a difference to the public sector.

Steering committee

Prof. Edoardo Ongaro (Northumbria university - Director of the Research Centre),
Prof. Keith Shaw (Northumbria University, Department of Social Sciences Research Lead),
Prof. Geert Bouckaert (K.U. Leuven – Director of the Public Management Institute, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and Visiting professor, Northumbria University, Department of Social Sciences).

Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

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